Portfolios at the TRC

*Sorted alphabetically by discipline.
Nicolas Sihlé, Anthropology
Jim Simmonds, Applied Math
Kate Nesbitt, Architecture
Kenneth Schwartz, Architecture
Hsin-hsin Liang, Asian & Middle Eastern Language &
Gil Roy, Asian & Middle Eastern Language & Culture
Kristen Curran, Biology
Carol Hurney, Biology/TRC
Lori Nicolaysen, Career Services
Wendy Perry, Career Services
Robert J. Davis, Chemical Engineering
Erik Fernandez, Chemical Engineering
Andrew Hillier, Chemical Engineering
Matthew Neurock, Chemical Engineering
James Oberhauser, Chemical Engineering
Carl Trindle, Chemistry
Susan Burns, Civil Engineering
James Smith, Civil Engineering
Michael Atchison, Commerce
Bill Kehoe, Commerce
Mark White, Commerce
Aaron Bloomfield, Computer Science
Marty Humphrey, Computer Science
Chris Milner, Computer Science
Robert Bruner, Darden
Elliott Weiss, Darden
Kate Burke, Drama
John Frick, Drama
Marcy Linton, Drama
Michael Rasbury, Drama
Richard Warner, Drama
Gweneth West, Drama
Ming Chien Lo, Economics
Margo Figgins, Education
Randall R. Robey, Education
Marie F. Shoffner, Education
Janet W. Stack, Education
Dorothy Vasquez-Levy, Education
N. Scott Barker, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Steve Arata, English
Steve Cushman, English
Walter Jost, English
Bernard Mayes, English [Media Studies]
Barbara Nolan, English
Marva Barnett, French
Cheryl Krueger, French
Susan Norland, German
Tico Braun, History
William McAllister, History
Micko Nishida, History
Tom Noble, History
Marga Odahowski, International Residential College
Liz Wittner, ITA/Teaching Resource Center
Joan Ruelle, Library Science
William Johnson, Materials Science & Engineering
James Howe, Materials Science & Engineering
Rob Kelly, Materials Science & Engineering
Barbara MacCluer, Mathematics
Katharine Ott, Mathematics
Peter Turner, Mathematics
Miles Townsend, Mechanical Engr.
Eugene Corbett, Medicine
Mark Kirk, Medicine
Mark Mendelsohn, Medicine
Hilary Sanfey, Medicine
Julie Turner, Medicine
Kyra Gaunt, Music
Kathryn Ballenger-Reid, Nursing
Sarah P. Farrell, Nursing
Doris Greiner, Nursing
Cheryl Jones, Nursing
Audrey Snyder, Nursing
Dorothy Tullman, Nursing
Steve Schnatterly, Physics
Peter Brunjes, Psychology
Alev Erisir, Psychology
James Freeman, Psychology
Patricia Lee Hansell, Psychology
Michael Kubovy, Psychology
Angeline Lillard, Psychology
Denise L. Newman, Psychology
Dennis Proffitt, Psychology
Toni Wegner, Psychology
Nancy Weinfield, Psychology
Amy Miller, Religious Studies
Ben Ray, Religious Studies
Michael Satlow, Religious Studies
John Alexander, Slavic
Anne Ingram, Slavic
Natasha Kononenko, Slavic
Jann Lacoss, Slavic
Dariusz Tolczyk, Slavic
Cristina Della-Coletta, Spanish
Fernando Jejedo-Herrero, Spanish
Emily Scida, Spanish
Garrick Louis, Systems Engineering
Christina Mastrangelo, Systems Engineering
Manuel Rossetti, Systems Engineering
Rosalyn Berne, Science, Technology & Society*
Mike Gorman, Science, Technology, & Society*
Christophe Levyer, Science, Technology, & Society*
Ed Russell, Science, Technology, & Society*
Kathy Thornton, Science, Technology, & Society*
Ingrid Townsend, Science, Technology, & Society*
Rosanne Welker, Science, Technology, & Society*
Teaching Assistants
Kim S. Theriault, Art History
Lynn Kang-ning Jiang, Asian & Middle Eastern
Languages & Cultures
Kai Post, Biology
Michelle Elliott, Chemistry
Michele Co, Computer Science
Jan Mason, Drama
Jessica Howell, Economics
Rebecca Caldwell, Education
Ann Kovalchik, Education
Elizabeth Langran, Education
Natalie B. Milman, Education
Neda Cvijetic, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Peter Capuano, English
Candace Caraco, English
Jennifer Chylack, English
Karlyn Crowley, English
Amanda French, English
Margaret Gardiner, English
June Griffin, English
Christopher Jackson, English
James Kim, English
Rebecca Knell, English
Gena McKinley, English
Mike Millner, English
Andrea Nagy, English
Kate Nash, English
Alice Rutkowski, English
Andrew Stauffer, English
Rebecca Taylor, English
Virginia Zimmerman, English
Nathalie Charron, French
Candace Cone, French
Jacqueline Couti, French
Carolyn M. Fay, French
Cynthia Filer, French
Sara James, French
Stephen Martin, French
Cynthia Speer, French
Nicole Zehfuss, French
Dorothe Bach, German
Gamin Bartle, German
Hans Gabriel, German
Erin McGlothlin, German
Margaret Setje-Eilers, German
Patrick J. McGuinn, Government
Michael Alexander, History
Scot French, History
Thomas Howard, History
Kurt Huhenstein, History
Robert Jackson, History
Bernie Jones, History
Joshua Rothman, History
Kevin Sheets, History
Adina Galan, Italian
Jessica Audet, Mathematics
Ryan Higginbottom, Mathematics
Melissa Meehan, Mathematics
John Polhill, Mathematics
Jennifer Roche, Mathematics
Rebecca Schmitz, Mathematics
Troy J. Siemers, Mathematics
Katie Spurrier Quertermous, Mathematics
Karen Stanish, Mathematics
Julie Marie Theoret, Mathematics
Erin Valenti, Mathematics
Gina Alexander, Nursing
Cathy Campbell, Nursing
Mohammad Azadpur, Philosophy
Jennifer Flynn, Philosophy
Alan Clifton, Psychology
Stephanie Curenton, Psychology
Sergei Gepshtein, Psychology
Kelly Goedert, Psychology
Olivia Lima, Psychology
Tracy Nishida, Psychology
Cedar Riener, Psychology
Martin Van den Berg, Psychology
Jacqueline Bussie, Religious Studies
Lori Hale, Religious Studies
Greg Hite, Religious Studies
Matthew Munson, Religious Studies
Willie Young, Religious Studies
Carmen Garcia Armero, Spanish
Margaret Ewalt, Spanish
Carol Hardlec, Spanish

* Formally TCC

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Products of Good Teaching

The following ideas about the products of good teaching were suggested by participants in the U.Va. Teaching Portfolio Workshop.

Work from yourself:

  • List your goals for the course, survey the students for theirs, and compare the two lists. If necessary, explain to the students why some of their goals won’t be met. In the portfolio, show how you met the appropriate goals.

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Teaching Portfolios Survey (2003)

Introduction to Survey

After seven annual Teaching Portfolio Workshops on Analyzing and Improving Teaching (1995-2001), serving more than 90 faculty members and over 70 graduate teaching assistants (TAs), the U.Va. Teaching Resource Center (TRC) staff wanted to take a closer look at former participants perceptions of their experiences of writing and having a teaching portfolio, as well as their long-term memories of the workshop itself. We are grateful for generous funding from an anonymous alumna of the French Department and for the expert staff help from the Office of Institutional Assessment and Studies. We conducted in late 2002 a web-based survey of all colleagues who completed a significant portion of the workshop and whose current e-mail addresses could be found, a total of 155 faculty and TAs.

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Comments from Past Teaching Portfolio Workshop Participants

From a recent survey, we found that over 97% of the responding faculty and 100% of the responding TAs found it “worthwhile to write a portfolio.” In addition, nearly 100% of teaching portfolio writers would recommend this workshop to their colleagues. Those that hesitate note that its value depends on the participant’s needs and motivation. Workshop ratings range from 4.45-4.75 out of a possible 5. Select comments are shown below; all comments from past participants are listed by year.

What did you learn from the workshop that you did use or will use in your teaching or in your teaching portfolio?

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Teaching Portfolio FAQ


When is the next Workshop?
There is currently no timeline for the next offering of the Teaching Portfolio Workshop.

What is a teaching portfolio?
You select, analyze, and comment on documents that demonstrate your teaching of your academic discipline. The narrative explanation of your teaching is usually limited to six to eight pages and includes a reflective statement about your teaching. It is normally accompanied by appendices: for example, syllabi, students’ work presented anonymously, perhaps with your remarks or grades, students’ mid-semester and/or final course evaluations and comments, a videotaped class, comments from colleagues’ observations. Other ideas of items to include and ways to present the information have been compiled by past workshop participants.

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