The Teaching Resource Center offers a variety of confidential consultations about teaching. A few of these are listed below. Following the links will lead to more detailed information about each consultation technique as well as information about scheduling.

Requests for one-on-one consultations and consultations about teaching with technology may be submitted at any time during the semester and will be filled as Center staffing permits.

Our in-class feedback services –Teaching Analysis Polls (TAPs), in-class observations, and large-class feedback–are designed to gather and convey feedback that enables the instructor to improve the course for the current semester. To schedule any of these in-class feedback services, please submit your request online by the end of the third Friday of the semester in which you’d like the consultation. Requests will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.

NB: TAPs are conducted only between the fourth and ninth weeks of the semester because they are designed to gather and convey feedback that enables the instructor to improve the course for the current semester.

One-on-one Consultation

TRC consultants are happy to help you think through ways to improve your students’ learning. Conversations might center around aspects such as course design, student evaluations, discussion-leading, lecturing, etc. Read More »

Teaching with Technology

TRC consultants can work with you to explore the effective uses of technology to enhance student engagement and learning. Conversations might include: laptops in the classroom, mobile learning, blended learning, flipping your classroom, and creating engaging online learning environments. Please… Read More »

In-class Observation

Using a variety of observation techniques, TRC consultants can tailor an in-class observation so that instructors get specific and meaningful feedback about one or more aspects of their teaching. Read More »

Teaching Analysis Poll (TAP)

To discover students’ mid-semester reactions to a class, a trained TRC staff member can poll your students about their perceptions of the course. Alternatively, you can use eTAP, the TRC’s electronic version of the TAP, to collect student feedback, and then meet with TRC staff to discuss the results. Read More »

Large Class Feedback

Several options are available for getting feedback about large classes (50+ students). Read More »